Ad Exchange


Access to Diverse and Premium Demand Globally

Make your inventory available to hundreds of premium DSPs and Ad Networks programmatically, or the best performance, brand and remarketing advertisers directly through the Jeetwin Network.

Maximize Yield for each Impression

Find the best ad price in 300 milliseconds. JeetSoft’s sophisticated pricing and Real Time Bidding technologies help you monetize your premium inventory for greater yield on impressions.

Easily Integration and more Control over Monetizing your Inventory

JeetSoft supports flexible integration solutions. We use a diversified approach to measure the ad quality of every demand source and protect your inventory’s brand safety. Moreover, through Private Marketplace, you can take control of your deals with demand partners you select.

Various Ad Formats Customizable to your Properties

Choose from our comprehensive suite of ad formats including display, video and native ad formats that are completely user friendly and customizable to your properties.